How to Stay Motivated When Creating a Game

One of the question that is often asks when creating game is “How do you stay motivated?”.  I can’t hostnestly say that I do know what will work for you, but I can tell what works for me.  First though, we need to establish some definitions. Enthusiasm, Discipline and Motivation Enthusiasm gets you started, discipline keeps you going, […]

MVC Pattern

I recently saw a well written article about the MVC pattern on reddit and it irked me enough that I answered with some of my concerns, and this is what inspired this post today. MVC The MVC pattern is relatively simple in principle : You have a controller that handles input, and store the state in […]

I Had This Game Idea

Since I became more active in the game dev community (especially on reddit’s /r/GameDev and /r/Unity3d), I’ve noticed that a lot of people new to game developement often ask the same question : I had this perfect game idea, how do I get started?  My usual answer, regardless of the idea, is : start with a Pong clone (or Flappy […]

A Unique Position to Be In

Being a programmer in the AAA game industry has put me in a weird position. For the last 10 years, I did as much programming as anybody else in game industry (including the overtime), except with the caveat that it was mostly not related to gameplay, or even a game project directly. You see, I somehow always find myself in the middle of many projects, but almost never attached to a single project…